Super me

Super me is the stage name and at the same time the irony of not taking yourself too seriously. Born in Germany in 1971, Super me has worked for many years as a creative director for well-known fashion brands around the world and from this he developed his passion for art. In his art, Super me combines his childhood memories shaped by ATARI games and streetwear influences from California. His favorite city is Los Angeles.

Accordingly, the combination of street art and gaming is characteristic of his artworks. He applies his works of art to very different materials and are intended to encourage people to question themselves. Banksy and influences from the gaming and streetwear scene serve as his artistic inspiration. Super me does not only appeal to art connoisseurs. Everyone can identify with his works of art and question himself and society. Art should be fun and thought-provoking but his sometimes very provocative art, with its honesty and authenticity, always makes the viewer smile. Super me does not use a specific technique, but relies on mixed media by combining a wide variety of materials and techniques. He prefers to paint with acrylic on canvas and incorporates 3D effects into his often large works. „Overthinking is the biggest waste of human energy. Trust yourself, make a decision and gain more experience for your life. There is no such thing as perfect. You cannot think your way into perfection, just do it as you believe in.“

Recent Work